Serenity on Shrewsbury St

This will be the last time I apologize for not posting more.  I’m busy and my computer screen only works about 46% of the time.

Anyway, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of not having time or money to fix my busted commuter bike over the last few weeks and had to use my road bike.  This means I must be more judicious with my bike ride aka, I walk a lot more.  Normally, I’d dedicate this post to my distaste for walking, I really prefer biking.  The last few mornings and nights I’ve been heading into and out of Boston at silly hours.

There are innumerable drawbacks to this schedule but I’ve fixated on one small positive.  That’s the serene nature of a busy street, like Shrewsbury St, when there is no one on it.  It’s difficult to embrace the intense level of calm via any other form then on foot.  I’ve really enjoyed taking my time on these walks to listen to the sounds of the city as it sleeps.

It’s not much, I admit but I’m adding it to the list of things I’ve gained by embracing alternatives to a car as my go to transport.

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