What do you expect…….

I had a great weekend in the Rockport/Gloucester area of Ma celebrating a old friends wedding. It was such a truly good time that I began to think about why I had so much fun. I’ve come realize, it’s all about expectations. I expected to enjoy myself and the bride/groom expected me to have fun as well. The entire series of events were based on that expectation. There was no pretense or artificial activities to provide a “this is so much fun” moment just a sincere underlying attitude by everyone involved encouraging each person to celebrate, enjoy each others company and have fun.

This leads to my CarFreeBrad question to kick off the week. What do you expect?

You’ve been invited and decided to read this little blog. I’d love to know what you expect when you open it up

One response to “What do you expect…….”

  1. I expect a blog about a guy named Brad who is actually car free, not some dude who hitches rides. borrows cars, and tags along with others whenever it’s convenient. You’re not car free, you’re car payment free. If this blog were at a bbq, it would be that guy who “quit” smoking simply by not buying them anymore who then proceeds to bum smokes off everyone else there… and it probably would’ve hitched a ride to get there too.


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