Is Looking Cheating?

The Tour De France rolls into its final week and I’ve barely watch any of it, my fantasy team is a complete disaster and the crank on my commuter bike is still busted.  Needless to say I need a nice distraction from all this.

That brings me to the question of the age-old past time of “ogling”.  This dark art of staring without staring while almost glaring is a small temporary reprieve from all the pressures of the world.  What’s wrong with appreciating something beautiful?  There are entire buildings dedicated to elegant curves, gracious lines and delicate hues that glisten in the summer sun.

With that in mind, is looking cheating?  I’ve been reprimanded a number of times by my GF because of my lack of tact when it comes to my “ogling” technique.  She finally confronted me on it and said something along the lines of

“Sometimes when your eyes wonder, your jaw drops, your mind goes off to some other place and I disappear for a minute I actually hope that I’ll turn around and there will be some girl with enormous boobs behind me and not some guy on a stupid bike.”

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