Running is good too

First run with the crew was a great reminder that running is a good thing that is more fun when done with friends and strangers.  The family organizes a run every monday night and it’s a great idea.

TOnight was my first one but will not be my last.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  I’ve had the pleasure of training with a diverse group of people throughout my life.  Some have been good, some bad for a whole myriad of reasons and sometimes it’s hard to know which way a group is gonna’ go.  I was pretty sure that the group was the right blend for a great group but I still had a little doubt.  Now that doubt is gone!

There are some real athletes in the group that can really run, are in great shape and all that intimidating stuff but no one takes themselves too serious.  Every group I’ve been a part of says “you can go at your own pace without pressure or judgement” but rarely does that happen, but this crew made it totally easy and natural to pick your pace for the day and go.  Wanna’ try and see what you’ve got, stick with the lead pack for as long as you can.  Wanna’ run your pace and chat with some great people, plenty of options and conversation to choose from.  Want a purely relaxing jog along the water and around the city, come find me in the back on days like today.

I’m excited to try out every speed and style this group offers and after, talk to the people who are “actual runners” and find out how they do it!

If you’re interested the runs are Monday evenings at 630 and I believe they meet out in from of Strega.  Look for the awkward group of entrepreneurs of various fitness levels milling about and you’ve found it!

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