Riding the Rails, Peddling the Streets!

I’m back at it folks. Freight Farms moves into our office space at MassChallenge in Boston. Today kicks off my summer commuting schedule that puts me on the commuter rail a minimum of 3 days a week. Back and forth Worcester to Boston.

As luck would have it my first two days coincide with the first two 95+ degree days of the year.

This is nothing new for me as I did it last summer and half of last year. But in all the best ways this summer is very different.

First, I’m working for myself. That’s to say, I can set my own schedule. We’ll see how that goes. while the freedom to come and go as i please is nice, there is no one to tell me to go home and stop working. No matter how it goes at least I can wear shorts and t-shirts everyday if I want.

Second, I’ve got my Hubway pass and they now have stations literally all over the city so I can buzz around without having to bring my bike with me everywhere.

Overall, things are shaping up to be pretty good. I just need my computer to start working again so that I don’t have to write all my posts on my phone.


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