My First Time……

Yeah it was awkward, overwhelming, a bit surreal and was interrupted by my mom just like so many of you!

And just like most of you, I only did it because everyone else was and I felt pressured to do it. It turns out that IT IS A BIG DEAL and WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

The first time I rode a bike in Vermont, fell in love with the state and realized how unnecessary cars are(on a daily basis).


One response to “My First Time……”

  1. Brad. I have been following you for a long time. I am your Mom’s friend from South Jersey. The one with the big mouth. I checked out your “about” page….You have such an impressive resume. But you have too many “Left Job” which comes across as a negative. Change this to what job you did at the time…..and leave off the “left job” part. You are awesome. And the “about you” should reflect no negativity. Just a comment from a fellow warrier. Double check with your Dad if you don’t trust me. Would absolutely love to meet you and your GF one day….JoAnn McCumber


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