Month: June 2012

  • The Great White Buffalo of Bike Commuting

    As far as bike commuting in the Worcester area goes this is the equivalent of building a “Bigfoot” lounge in a national park.

  • My Fantasy is 21 days long and involves spandex! Want to be a part of it?

    It’s that time of year again!  Tour De France time.  I only play one fantasy sports game each year and this is it.  You might not believe me but it’s a lot of fun and you don’t even have to be a bike fan.  Don’t trust me on this one, just sign up and try […]

  • If it ain’t fixed, don’t break it!

    I’ve been known to rip on the MBTA especially the Worcester station for the ticket machine being out of order for 6 months but today all is right with the world. The ticket machine is fixed and even has a new sign indicating that it is the last resort for those of us who never […]

  • CarFreeBrad “I’m on a BOAT”!

    This might not be news to you but it blew my mind. There’s a water taxi in Boston. I was walking over to the Freight Farms office at MassChallenge in the Innovation/Seaport District this morning and this just smacked me in the face. This is the first time I’ll post a future quote as I […]

  • It’s Hot and Driving Sucks!

    I’m not here to complain that it’s been a million degrees the last couple days or to wax poetic about the weather. If nothing else, this heat has served to remind me how much better riding a bike is versus driving. I had the wholly unpleasant experience of catching a ride from Worcester to Boston […]

  • Riding the Rails, Peddling the Streets!

    I’m back at it folks. Freight Farms moves into our office space at MassChallenge in Boston. Today kicks off my summer commuting schedule that puts me on the commuter rail a minimum of 3 days a week. Back and forth Worcester to Boston. As luck would have it my first two days coincide with the […]

  • I’m A Giant!

    I had the pleasure of enjoying my nephews piano recital today. He did a great job and played two nice pieces in front of a huge crowd. It was all going swimmingly until I had to use the bathroom and the only one open was in the church basement where they host kindergarten or some […]

  • Lance Armstrong Not Allowed to Compete in Triathlon! Doping again, really?!?!

    I’m as “anti-doping” as the next guy and was ready to hate Lance Armstrong the last time this came up.  Originally I was a fan of him as an athlete but didn’t really care about him as a person.  I ended up following the story, eventually read his book and all that and I think […]

  • The Generosity Overwhelms Me.

    One aspect of living car free that I’ve been forced to embrace is my need to rely on my fellow man. Whether that be the T driver, bus driver, bike mechanic or a slew of friends my ability to live and get around is now largely out of my hands. This has been a very […]

  • My First Time……

    Yeah it was awkward, overwhelming, a bit surreal and was interrupted by my mom just like so many of you! And just like most of you, I only did it because everyone else was and I felt pressured to do it. It turns out that IT IS A BIG DEAL and WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! […]