Two Options: Full of Sh*t or Honest Mistake!

I must correct the “EPIC RIDE” from post from the other day.  I couldn’t figure out what part of the map I created was wrong but it was.  The 48 miles seemed way too long and turns out it is.

In order to honor the “Carfreebrad Ethos” to maintain honesty the best I can, here’s the real ride that wiped us out on Saturday. I’ll leave it up to you whether I blatantly lied to make us appear to be real badass or just mistakenly almost doubled the ride.

One response to “Two Options: Full of Sh*t or Honest Mistake!”

  1. People commenting on this site had made an aciutascon about the vehicle usage and BAM! Rescue has a log to share.I think it speaks wonders .wish more departments would share openly.


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