Seriously, You Need To Have One of These!

If you plan to be car free and like me have only the most basic working knowledge of bike

“Thunder Thighs” Strikes Again!

maintenance, you need a great bike mechanic friend.  I was just ridiculously lucky that my buddy Will turned out to be a bike wiz and super enthusiastic to help and/or talk bikes.  I don’t bring much to these conversations but I enjoy the hell out of listening.

Today was just another example of how important he is/has been/will be to my maintaining the CarFree lifestyle.  Beyond things like my random flat and loose brake cables, which I’m pretty sure I could fix but lack some special tools and it would take me 10 times longer, snapping a crank calls for this very specific skill set.  Apparently, cyclists don’t snap cranks on a regular basis and add the fact that I’m riding a 30-year-old custom single speed Shogun(it’s a frame brand name, I think?) so I can’t just pick up a replacement part.

Having Will as a friend allowed me to shoot him a text, swing by his place and before I knew it I had a functioning bike again! So seriously, as soon as you start or before you ditch your car for your bike, GET A WILL IN YOUR LIFE!

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