How do I put everything into 1 post?

That is the question I’ve been wrestling with all day.  In the past 36-48 hours so many things have happened/are happening it’s completely overwhelming.

First, I had SO MUCH fun on Friday at Wheaton College brainstorming in the Computer Science Automation Lab playing with a variety of hardware, software, monitoring and automation components.  It was the kind of session that only hunger could interrupt!

Second, Tough Mudder Challenge was great!  10 miles up, down and all around Mt.Snow is pretty grueling in itself then add in all the obstacles that do a tremendous job of finding at least one if not many of your fears/weaknesses and exploit them.  Thanks to the best team I could’ve imagined, everyone finished without any major injuries.

Third, we have confirmed the date of delivery for the Worcester Freight Farm unit for this week.  Details will be released shortly!

Fourth, my summer plans will be determined(partially) today as I find out if Freight Farms has made it to the next round of MassChallenge!

Ok, that’s it.  I can’t elaborate or think about the rest of the little things going on right now!  The best part of it all is that it’s 65 degrees and sunny and I can’t wait to cruise home across town and take the long way home!

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