If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times….

Now I’m starting to sound like my mom.  This was one of her favorite lines when I was growing but she usually had to say 1000 times before I would listen.

I don’t want to/like to bitch and moan about the MBTA.  The fact remains that I don’t have a choice getting in and out of Boston and the commuter rail provides a mediocre service just over 50% of the time (which is pretty good for them).

But “If you don’t want people to ride anymore, just tell us.  Don’t continue to make it so inconvenient that we are forced to seek alternatives.”

The only means to buy tickets at the Worcester Union Station has been unable to take Debit or Credit Cards for an unofficial count of 5 weeks.  I’ve managed to work around it because I go all the way into South Station almost every time I ride but when I don’t or forget to buy extra tickets when I’m in town, I’m screwed.

There is no ATM within a half mile of the station except the private one in the lobby that charges everyone a huge fee.  And if one more helpful conductor/attendent on the train tells me it’s cheaper to buy your tickets at the station, I’m gonna’ lose it.

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