Cool Bike Rider Crash Barstool Sports: Boston

This is one of those things you see on the internet that I just don’t know how to play.  I’m caught squarely in my own personal moral “no mans land”.

First and foremost, I don’t ever want to see a fellow rider injured.  I’ve been lucky in my career to avoid any real serious crashes but have felt the effect of even the minor ones.

On the other hand, I love a good crash video.  It’s just a sick little part of me (and probably part of you too), that makes me enjoy a crash video so much.  It’s why traffic everywhere slows down and 99% of people watch Nascar, the crashes.

On the apparent debate as to whether it’s a “real” sport, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.  We all know which side I’m on.  Maybe I’m just spitballing here but the Tour De Blog would likely put this debate to rest.  Not to mention a bunch of out of shape SOB’s who sit and write all day out on the open road for a quick 50 miler would be HILARIOUS.

» Cool Bike Rider Crash Barstool Sports: Boston.

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