Month: May 2012

  • Two Options: Full of Sh*t or Honest Mistake!

    I must correct the “EPIC RIDE” from post from the other day.  I couldn’t figure out what part of the map I created was wrong but it was.  The 48 miles seemed way too long and turns out it is. In order to honor the “Carfreebrad Ethos” to maintain honesty the best I can, here’s […]

  • Tough Commute After the Long Weekend

    The ride across town was especially slow this morning, my legs were just plain dead.  I had no pop in the old thighs.  At first,  I was a bit surprised but then a figure it out.  The answer is pretty obvious. This past weekend I spent a great few days in upstate NY just a […]

  • Insane Russian Attack Bike is Powered by Chainsaw | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

    In honor of the fact that I’ll be spending Memorial Day in upstate NY out in the wilderness with lots of wood to cut and I went on an EPIC bike thru the hills of the Catskills, this bike would be ideal right now! Insane Russian Attack Bike is Powered by Chainsaw | Inhabitat – […]

  • Dropped Chain- Making Lemonade!

    I had a whole post written that talked about how exhausted I am and would keep things short and to the point.  Well, when I saved it.  It was gone. So all you get is that my chain got stuck so I took my road bike today.  It turned out to be great.  Love my […]

  • Seriously, You Need To Have One of These!

    If you plan to be car free and like me have only the most basic working knowledge of bike maintenance, you need a great bike mechanic friend.  I was just ridiculously lucky that my buddy Will turned out to be a bike wiz and super enthusiastic to help and/or talk bikes.  I don’t bring much […]

  • Some Days You’ve Got It, Others You F-ing Don’t!

    Today was a big old DON’T!  I had a accelerated finance class from 9am-5pm, my rain gear suffered a wardrobe malfunction, my glasses broke while resting on my head. The straw that broke the bikers back was when my pedal went ahead a BROKE off as I tried to get through a treacherous rotary in […]

  • How did the MassChallenge Presentation Go You Ask?

    The fact is that I can’t answer that question.  Sometimes when you get off the train and have 45 minutes to print your presentation at Kinko’s then get to the location and still haven’t had a chance to practice the presentation you’re about to give, you gotta’ dig deep and just go for it! Sometimes […]

  • All you can eat chicken!

    Put this on the list of things that I would have missed if I didn’t ride my bike everyday. I saw a sign for this outside but it wasn’t until I had ridden past it about a thousand times that it finally stuck. And now it’s really happening!

  • How do I put everything into 1 post?

    That is the question I’ve been wrestling with all day.  In the past 36-48 hours so many things have happened/are happening it’s completely overwhelming. First, I had SO MUCH fun on Friday at Wheaton College brainstorming in the Computer Science Automation Lab playing with a variety of hardware, software, monitoring and automation components.  It was […]

  • Pat’s 6th Rounder Getting Me Thru Tough Mudder!

    I don’t follow the draft and definitely have no clue past the first round but this Patriots 6th round pick out of OSU is a beast. Don’t take my word for it let the tape talk and not the BS football tape, this kinda’ clip gets your drafted. And in case you want to route […]