Bike Commuting is Just Like Life

Some days on my ride across town, I need to think about ANYTHING other than my current ride.  Today was one such day and I began to think about bike commuting as it relates to life.  I don’t know where this thought came from but it all came together as I struggled up a terribly painful hill.

Life never seems to drop the hammer on you when you are well rested, feeling good, a happy GF at home and plenty of  cash in the bank.  Ever the opportunist, life always seem to come with repeated sucker punches when you can least handle it and then keeps coming at you.  The best part about living life is that we have no real choice but to keep moving forward.

On the bike, the wind is gonna’ gust to 30+ mph only on a day when you have come dangerously close to getting doored twice already on a Friday morning at the end of a really long week.  Much like life, you just have to keep moving forward and ignore that brand new cramp in your hamstring.

The good news about this realization is that when you have a real ball buster of a ride first thing in the morning, ti makes the rest of your day seem that much better or at least more tolerable.

Besides, it’s FRIDAY and life hasn’t decided to sucker punch me at this time so how bad could it be!

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