Sometimes You Just Don’t Have it in You!

Yesterday was one of those days.  The weather was terrible with just absolute pouring rain in the morning.  I knew I had a full day of finals ahead and I was a little sore after running the Net Impact Green Run 5K at Clark University on Sunday so my motivation to get all my rain gear on was at an all time low.

Just when my motivation bottomed out, my girlfriend offered me a ride for the 5th time and I just had to take it.

People have asked me a million times over the past year if I will take rides and I answer the same way each time. “Hell Yeah!”.  I’m not anti-car, I just choose not to have one and use my bike and feet as primary mode of transport.  Even though this has been my stance since day one of this lifestyle shift, I still feel guilty whenever I do take that ride to get somewhere it’s possible to bike to.

Don’t worry too much about me because on a morning like yesterday the guilt doesn’t last long when I sit down to take a final and I’m not soaked to the bone!

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