2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

Now that the hoopla around Marathon Monday has died down and the weather is slightly more seasonal, I think it’s prudent to comment on one of the coolest parts of the Boston Marathon, the bike riders!

Although I was unable to attend, this event is officially on the CarFreeBrad calendar for next year and I encourage everyone to join me.  Imagine a pristine route of barricaded closed off main roads for 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston.  No need to worry about cars, traffic and all the other daily hazards.  Just you, your bike and bunch of other wingnuts that want to enjoy that open road with you!

Those of us that didn’t or couldn’t attend can only imagine but for those that can’t really wrap your mind around it, check out The Young Urban Unprofessionalfor a recap and pics.2012 Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride.

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