CarFreeBrad changing lives, one blog at a time!

Yesterday was a pretty interesting and cool day for me.  It was Spree Day at Clark University, which is basically a day all the undergrads classes are cancelled and they party all day and/or enjoy a number of on campus activities like bouncing castle and free hot dogs.  For Grad students, it kinda’ the same except we all have class and spend more time staring longingly at “those crazy kids” who are still young enough to really enjoy a random Tuesday off.

In true CarFreeBrad fashion, I wasn’t going to let the fact that I was guest lecturing in Sustainable Production and Consumption get in the way of soaking up the experience.  A group of grad students decided to embrace this “Spree Day” thing and have a nice BBQ just off campus so I made sure to attend that and mingle with my people.

It was at this BBQ then after my lecture that I 2 great CarFreeBrad is changing the world moments:

First, at the BBQ, one of my peers who had attended a workshop/lecture I gave this past fall on Social Media, networking and the integration of the blogosphere into the career search grabbed me and explained that she had started her blog and was really enjoying it.  We had a great chat about the problems she has run into, difficulties learning who to do certain things and the age-old content battle.

Second, after my lecture, an engaging and bright young man who sat through my entire lecture and asked some really great questions to keep the conversation interesting told me about his new blog.  While I can’t take direct responsibility for his foray into blogging, I like to think I’ve made it seem appealing.  We had a great conversation about his blog, the direction he wants to take it in and the reasons we blog.  Check it out at:

Overall, a very fulfilling day for CarFreeBrad and inspiring to see and hear what these really cool people around me are up to!

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2 responses to “CarFreeBrad changing lives, one blog at a time!”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Brad! I enjoyed the lecture. Over the past few months I have been getting the word out about Freight Farms as much as I can. And by the way – CarFreeBrad was definitely one of the factors that contributed to me starting my own blog!


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