Don’t Door Me Bro

I’ve witnessed a new move repeatedly on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  More often than I’m comfortable thinking about I’ve watched people sit in there parked car with the engine off and lights out(maybe they are checking email or texting, I don’t know) then violently swing the door open like they are executing a drug raid.

This recent phenomenon has forced me to consider the age old decision conundrum commonly referred to as “a rock and a hard place”.

What do you choose; getting doored or swerving in front of a moving vehicle?  I’m a numbers guy and I gotta’ go with moving vehicle because I’ve got a 7% chance that they will avoid me.  Also, I’ll take a bump, roll and slide against the sudden and violent stop of getting doored.


Door 2% attention
Car 9% attention

One response to “Don’t Door Me Bro”

  1. Just came across this blog and figured I’d give my 2 cents (I have family near Worcester but only have a slight acquaintance with it: the art museum was nice). I choose neither A or B: on a road like Shrewsbury where there’s a narrow parking lane and two traffic lanes I’ll take the right lane (C) or if I’m feeling generous and the parking lane is mostly empty I’ll taker that and stop where a car is parked and wait for traffic to clear before going on (D). Both are much closer to 99+% not getting hit. My rule of thumb is that there needs to be more than one lane in the direction you’re headed unless it’s a quiet side street, which is why I’ve biked on 35MPH and 45 MPH roads in traffic.The worst that has happened? I rarely got honked at and forced some drivers to acknowledge my presence and take a few seconds to change lanes for a moment. I’ll take a honking over a dooring any day.

    BTW, I’m living carless myselr in Mpls and lived carless in Columbus so I’m going on like 4 years come the end of this summer w/o a car. Glad I made that choice, but it’s pretty easy since I can’t imagine not living in a walkable city environment.


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