Hey Drivers……

Please do me a small favor.  As the weather gets nicer and you want to do something outside that is good for you and will save you money, do this!

Take the bike out of wherever you store it and DON’T go for a ride.  Instead, just ride a lap around the parking lot/driveway and notice how it feels.  Next grab a pump and jack the PSI in the tires up over 90 and take another spin around.  Then repeat while letting air out of your tires.

Once you are sick of this and annoyed that CarFreeBrad asked you to do this, put the bike away.

It’s time for you to save some money.  Think about how much harder it was to peddle around when you let the air in your tires out vs. when you had just pumped them up.  It was like night and day, wasn’t it!

Go get in your car, take it to the nearest gas station and fill up your tires.

Boom, I just improved the MPG of your car regardless of age, engine, commute type or anything else.

You’re Welcome!

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