Clark University Open Bike Shop! CarFreeBrad Influence in Action!

I’m saying that I’m the only reason that Clark is opening a bike shop to offer education, repairs and parts for reasonable prices but you can’t deny it’s at least a wacky coincidence.

Think about it, almost exactly 1 year after is unleashed on the world these flyers start to go up around campus.  I’m just saying.

In all honestly, I don’t actually think I have anything to do with this shop opening.  The group “Cycles of Change” are a huge driving force for biking around Clark and have now jumped up a huge step in the CarFreeBrad book.  A huge pain in the ass is having to maintain and repair my bike.  This shop will make this huge pain in the ass into just a regular pain.  Who knows, maybe it will help this “one man wolf pack” expand and find a few more bike wolves.

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