Welcome to the iPhone Era CarFreeBrad! I need Apps!

I got a iphone, I got a iphone, I got a iphone!

The wait is over!  I finally got rid of my god damned BlackBerry and stepped into the world of iPhone users.  Now I might have a chance to post from the road.

As some of you may have noticed, there have been some random days that I don’t post.  The ironic part is that those days seem to be the ones when I have the most and best post-worthy experiences but I’m on the move morning to-night and can’t get them written down.

I’m about to make WordPress for iPhone my first app download and (hopefully) remedy this problem.  I’m excited at all the CarFreeBrad possibilities that lie ahead for us!

All I need now are other app suggestions to download.  You can forgo the “games” and such, those come later.  Now I’m looking for the apps that I “can’t live without”.

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