It Must Be Spring!

All signs point to spring, the good and the bad.

The good are easy and very good.  The fact that it’s been 56 degrees at 530 am the last few days makes for a rather pleasant morning ride and topping off around 80 is just plain awesome.  A hidden “Good” is that I activated my Hubway key today and the racks are all out around Boston.

I get so excited by the comingn of spring that it’s hard to even comment on the “bad” because I feel like I’m just nitpicking.  Regardless, there are a few negatives.  The first is trying to get a spot at the racks arond Worcester.  Everyone shares my enthuciasm for biking during these first few warm days.  The problem comes when that interest/enthusiasm dies off over time and people go back to their cars.  It makes me sad but it also gives the city, schools and businesses no incentive to install new/additional racks.

Next, is the problem that I sweat(A LOT) when the temp get over 65 degrees.  As much as I enjoy the nice weather, I have to pack extra clothes just to maintain a minimal level of outward appearance.

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