You CAN’T get this in a car

As the weather around here heats up and everyone gets excited for spring and observation must be made.

No, I’m not going to bash all the “fair-weather” bikers on the road or anything like that.  Mostly because I love to see people our and about peddling away!  Any and all forms, I love it!

Bu riding back and forth around and thru this and any city, there is an undeniable fact that must be brought to the forefront.  Nothing connects you to your city like the smells of it.  The human sense of smell creates some of the strongest memories in the brain, at least I’ve heard.  Good or bad, a memory is created!

Every city, neighborhood, and block has its own set of smells.  It’s the beauty of the living in a city.  Every block is a nasal jack in the box waiting for you wonder by and jump into your consciousness.  It’s an amazing the variety of smells that you encounter when you ride through all these areas on your bike.  Biking allows you to cover enough area to get them all but not so fast that you miss any(good and bad).

Whether is sewage then cupcakes then BBQ then all 3 at once(gross).  There’s no way to replace that connection and memory and NO WAY to get that same connection from you car.  Even if all the windows are down and “summertime” is bumpin.

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