“Hell Yeah, I Love My Car: Living in Boston Without a Car Sucks”

In case you missed it and that’s easy to do(tiny piece on page 22).  I got a little mention for Freight Farms in the March issue of Boston Magazine.

I still haven’t seen it but I did see this article and thought it would be interesting to see what CarFreeBrad readers think of it.  As a lot of us do, I had a blast reading the comments people left on it.

Personally, I have no problem with this guys stance but I get the feeling he somehow put down every demographic that will even care to glance at this piece.  Again, no knocking him.  That’s really hard to do and at the same time give no indication what stereotypical role he would assign to himself.

Read it and let me know.  It appears that he is proudly rocketing toward yuppy-ness but is somehow a rebel because he doesn’t enjoy fresh produce and loves his car.  Overall, I thought I had a strong handle on the different stereotypes that are in play in the city but now I’m just confused.

Hell Yeah, I Love My Car: Living in Boston Without a Car Sucks – Boston Magazine.

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