Wellesley(Cougar/MILF) Rack of the Day!

Return of the Rack, return of the rack!

It’s back ladies and gents.  CarFreeBrad’s RACK OF THE DAY!

On my commute into Boston, I had the glorious misfortune of being stuck on “a bad piece of equipment” which is MBTA speak for the “f*cking thing is busted but we have no idea what’s wrong”.  So in Wellesley we were forced to switch trains and that’s when I saw it!

I watched as this one was very stoic beside the inbound track.  She had obviously been around long enough to know a thing or two and was just looking to snag some unsuspecting young huffy or a buff Trek commuter and have her way with it.

As I walked closer, I couldn’t quite tell what it was.  Too big and out there to be what I thought until I was right up next to it.  My new inspiration for the RACK OF THE DAY!  Give pause and take it all in as some poor investment banker who will never enjoy this tremendous gift has bought and paid for this site which we can all enjoy!

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