Boston Globe Coverage, For Reals!

I’m a little sad to report that I wasn’t able to work into the conversation.  The Globe reporter was very focused on Freight Farms.

Anyway, I didn’t get much coverage but I’ll take a few lines on page 7 of the Business section if I can get it.  I feel like this just opens up doors for CarFree coverage and more Freight Farms press.

Along with competing for cash prizes, start-ups and businesses chosen for the MassChallenge Class of 2012 participate in a three-month “accelerator program’’ that includes mentoring, free office space, access to funding, and legal advice.

Brad McNamara, one of the founders of six-month-old food production company Freight Farms, was among the crowd of contenders that attended yesterday’s launch. “We’re excited to start our application,’’ he said. “Hopefully, we’ll start it tonight.’’

For full coverage Go HERE!

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