Month: March 2012

  • What Will it Cost For CarFreeBrad to Drive?

    Over the past few weeks the positive bike news, moves and articles that I’ve been able to attribute to the existence of have been flowing like the mighty Charles River. Well it appears the tide has turned.  I saw this article this morning and it just took the wind out my sails because with […]

  • I Think CarFree Radio is Officially Dead

    I didn’t want to declare this nugget of  creative genius dead until I was certain.  At this point, I think I just have to call it. Time of death: March 29 6:20 pm. Cause: Laziness on the part of CarFreeBrad! Don’t worry, if I can arrange some really cool guests and have the time to […]

  • Why Dont Young Americans Buy Cars?

    I love that the major car companies are concerned that kids these days don’t seem to care that much about owning a car. This article gives a great glimpse into how scared GM is and the crazy lengths they are willing to go to connect with this new generation and make cars relevant to us. […]

  • Bicycle Commuting On The Rise at it again, just changing the game.  Sure I didn’t start this thing until just over a year ago but it seems to have had a Back to the Future type of retroactive effect on the numbers.  Don’t believe me, check the facts. Bicycle commuting is on the rise, albeit from a low base, […]

  • Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries

    I was invited to an event on April 4th in Cambridge originally as a speaker, but couldn’t confirm the invite so they moved onto another GREAT company, Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries.  I’ve met the guys who started it and they’re awesome.  Also, their product is an anti-theft bike light that I can’t wait to get […]

  • Clark University Open Bike Shop! CarFreeBrad Influence in Action!

    I’m saying that I’m the only reason that Clark is opening a bike shop to offer education, repairs and parts for reasonable prices but you can’t deny it’s at least a wacky coincidence. Think about it, almost exactly 1 year after is unleashed on the world these flyers start to go up around campus. […]

  • My First iPhone Post

    Well here it goes! My first attempt to post on the go from my phone. I was inspired to write this post for a lot of reasons today. First was when I exited south station and watched approximately 10 people just grab a Hubway bike and zip away. Not to mention the almost endless stream […]

  • Welcome to the iPhone Era CarFreeBrad! I need Apps!

    The wait is over!  I finally got rid of my god damned BlackBerry and stepped into the world of iPhone users.  Now I might have a chance to post from the road. As some of you may have noticed, there have been some random days that I don’t post.  The ironic part is that those […]

  • It Must Be Spring!

    All signs point to spring, the good and the bad. The good are easy and very good.  The fact that it’s been 56 degrees at 530 am the last few days makes for a rather pleasant morning ride and topping off around 80 is just plain awesome.  A hidden “Good” is that I activated my […]

  • Saint Pats Amazing Race

    So after the Bruins game and some playful banter outside of the Garden. CarFreeBrad and a few friends got into a serious conversation about the timeline of driving vs. Me on foot from the garden to South Boston. Well, it took a turn for the worse and turned into a full sprint/amazing race style contest […]