It’s a LOT closer than you think

I’ve been forced to do a number of things on my bike during my CarFree time.  The strangest aspect has been the adoption of running errands CarFree!  The whole process of “getting stuff done” is different.  Like everything else in my life now, I have to plan it better and more carefully.  If I know I’ll be out, I have to consider what errands I can bang out rather than make a separate trip.

The biggest barrier to running my errands via bike was my perception and inherent laziness that year of driving had ingrained in me.  I was so used to my ability to just go home first, relax then head out to do all those chores in life that we hate that any deviation from my most direct route home(especially) on my bike seemed like a momentous pain in the ass.  Well, I had to get past that real quick and did but was shocked at my perception of stuff(that’s how you write, well crafted prose right there).

Every time I looked up where someplace I had to go was, I immediately believed it was too far and difficult to ride to.  At first, I would simple give up and believe that fact.  But as my time has gone on, I’ve been forced to at least try a few of these trips and every time I’ve been totally surprised.

Everything is SO much easier to get to than I even thought.  I’m not saying that all my trips have been easy.  In fact 99% of them suck something awful but none of them have sucked as bad as I thought they would.  Each time I get home, I’m surprised that is didn’t have half as long as I thought and wasn’t nearly as complicated to get to and from.

I guess that old radio saying is true “perception is reality” at least until it isn’t!

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