Want to Win a Gold Medal? City of Boston Announces Bike Friendly Awards

Another great BostonInno article that really highlights one of the many ways that Boston is pushing to full “bike-friendliness”.  Damn it Boston, I move to Worcester and within 2 years you get AWESOME!  It’s almost like the city of Boston is a former lover who is flaunting its new boyfriend.  At first, I thought I was 100% over it but now that I’ve met her new beau I realize how much I miss her.

Does your business offer corporate Hubway memberships, use bike messengers to deliver packages and provide showers for its employees? Well, the City of Boston wants to give you an award for it. Yesterday, the city announced its fifth annual Bike Friendly Business Awards, which are, just as the name suggests, awards for the most cyclist-friendly companies in the city.

To win, all you have to do is head over to this site and rank your business based on 17 different categories. You’re awarded points for each category you check off, with 10 points winning the bronze medal, 16 for silver and 22 for gold. Winners receive a “Mayor Menino Bike Friendly Business” window sticker and mentions in City of Boston press releases and the city’s website. How’s that for a prize?

Check out the criteria and the rest of the article and make sure you follow BostonInno.  Seriously, they drop killer content 24/7!

Want toWin a Gold Medal? City of Boston Announces Bike Friendly Business Awards | BostInno.

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