What do you do when a dream is realized?

You post about it!

Well, I’ve dosed off on more than one occasion on the train and awoken with visions of my idea train dancing in my head.  Then BANG!  I find this picture that is the real life embodiment of the my dream!

With everything going on with the MBTA, I don’t think they will be installing this system anytime soon.

One response to “What do you do when a dream is realized?”

  1. I will be joining bike party next month as famliy and I enjoyed all the creative bikes that we saw last night. I live near homestead in cupertino and my little kids were so excited. Cupertino very boring so this party is great! I’m in my 50 s, but I ride like wild man! However, I saw some kids light firecrackers that were not so good. I show you next month real fireworks import from Japan!


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