In All Honesty…..

Almost a year ago I promised that I would try my best to be honest about CarFree living. I didn’t want to make attempts to “sugar coat” it and I think I’ve done well thus far.  But I’ve also really tried to make even the darkest aspects funny somehow but I can’t do it today.

The last week or so I’ve been completely uninspired to ride.  As always some rides are terrible and some are great but this week even the great rides have been uninspired and I don’t know what it is.

I could blame the weather and be done but it hasn’t been bad out and I’ve got the gear to deal with it and I really don’t mind the cold. So I’ll just be honest and call it what it is, a “cycling funk”.  I’m pretty sure all commuters go through it.  Cars, bikes, bus or walking we all have down periods where just getting in the car, sitting on the bus or peddling down the street is the biggest chore in the world.

I guess the only thing  I can do is to keep getting on my rig and peddle until this feeling passes.

The good news is that tomorrow it Valentines Day and I don’t have any plans in place yet. I’ve got a few ideas but no set plans.  All I know is that it’s too cold for a tandem bike ride, right?

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