350 Days and I Still Forget Underwear!

Anniversaries can have a tendency to make people nostalgic and refective but that hasn’t seemed to happen for me.  CarFreeBrad keeps chugging along documenting my myriad of mishaps but at least I’m learning or at least I thought I was.

I had visions of making this an elaborate post pulling pieces I had written on the subkect of the past year but I’m lazy and pressed for time so you get the bare bones version.

It turns out that after a year of living my life on the go and by bike, I still can’t remember to pack underwear.  I often joke that it’s the kind of mistake you “only make once” but that’s a lie because I’ve been forced to go “commando” on multiple occasions.  There are certain items that you can forget and it doesn’t interrupt your life too much, I’ve even showered without a towel a few times.  All you need is a strategic session with the hand dryer and you’re good but underwear or lackthereof ruins your whole day.

I thought I had beat the system when I saw that I had left some board shorts in the back of my locker and I had until I had to go to the bathroom.  Big Problem, No Fly.  They’re performance boardshorts that have a fly but it’s covered by a patch of material.  It’s a whole process to get things going.  Sweater hanging down, belt, button, jeans fly, untuck shirt, untie shorts, pull apart velco portion, etc.

Today’s a struggle, it just is!

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