How to make a Super Bowl Party CarFree?

So I’m having a Super Bowl gathering this sunday and I’m so excited for it but a bit torn because the quintessential “Super Bowl Party” flies in the face of the CarFree Lifestyle!

I’d like to find a way to incorporate CarFree Living into the event in a fun and light way.  I don’t want to stuff my passion for this down anyones thought but want people to consider it.  It’s too late and too much work to plan a CarFree  Super Bowl Ride/Bar Crawl and we all actually want to WATCH every minute of the game.

So I’m torn and have no idea what to do to encourage CarFree-ness and need your help to get creative.  What would you want to see/do/get at a Super bowl party that would make you think about going CarFree(even partially)?

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