Month: February 2012

  • One spoke at a time- How I’m gonna’ spend my golden years.

    Worcester to Providence, Worcester to Providence.  Now I’m fired up to retire!  I need to hurry up and be 70 years old already so that I can live this dream. I can hardly believe it’s only been 10 years but I guess a 7/10th of a mile section of land getting approval for construction once […]

  • It’s a LOT closer than you think

    I’ve been forced to do a number of things on my bike during my CarFree time.  The strangest aspect has been the adoption of running errands CarFree!  The whole process of “getting stuff done” is different.  Like everything else in my life now, I have to plan it better and more carefully.  If I know […]

  • The 1-Year Celebration Continues

    Here’s what I came home to last night after dropping my chain twice on the ride.  Immediately picked my mood back up! Happy First Birthday CarFreeBrad.  They’re so cute at this age!  All wobbly and unsure.  Everything is new and exciting to them, every ride is an adventure!

  • One Year Celebration Post- The Documentary Trailer!

    Today marks one year to the day that I turned in my car and officially started this journey.  In honor of that here’s a short video that a Clark Grad student did as part of her final project. If you thought that was a great trailer and want the filmmaker to complete her masterpiece and […]

  • If your can’t duct it, f*ck it!

    I’m no bike mechanic expert but I ride everyday and put my rig through a lot of abuse over the past 364 days. At this point, I’ve realized that in order to live life CarFree you have to accept a level of uncertainty in everyday of your life and an attitude of adaptation.  I sum […]

  • Want to Win a Gold Medal? City of Boston Announces Bike Friendly Awards

    Another great BostonInno article that really highlights one of the many ways that Boston is pushing to full “bike-friendliness”.  Damn it Boston, I move to Worcester and within 2 years you get AWESOME!  It’s almost like the city of Boston is a former lover who is flaunting its new boyfriend.  At first, I thought I […]

  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemna

    Only a few days until I’ve been living CarFree for one year and as I think back to what my life was like a year ago, I almost have to laugh.  I guess I expected living CarFree to bring some level of calm and order to my life.  That just isn’t the case. I decided […]

  • Crazy Bus on Bike Violence Video

    I’ve said it multiple times that the most dangerous vehicles I’ve come across are buses and mini-vans. You have to check out this bus driver hitting a cyclist on purpose who got 17 months in jail for this crazy act.  Watch this video the-driver-vs-bicyclist-fight-is-way-more-violent-in-england

  • Do you want a Party, a card……….

    As the one year anniversary of my CarFree life approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I should do to commemorate the occasion.  It doesn’t seem right to have a party (although that is my default thought process) but it seems like I should do something. Alcoholics have a ceremony and get a one-year coin, right? […]