Time to Lick My Wounds, Pull out the Duct Tape and Get Back Out There!

As many of you may have read and heard, last week was a rough one for me.  I had my first crash, my first real snowstorm and my second real snow storm.  Overall, I came out on top.  No permanent injuries and I realized that my bike handles pretty good in the snow.

Yesterday, after taking a full day off the bike Saturday, I decided it was time to fight fire with fire and break out the duct tape.  And none of this new age, I make wallets and dresses out of it stuff.  I’m talking old school silver, sticky as f*ck duct tape, the REAL DEAL!

Luckily for me, my rubber pants had torn  pretty cleanly.  Apparently, they split then got out of the way so that my pants and leg could take the abuse. Well played rubber pants, well-played.  That made putting them back together pretty easy and I don’t mind saying that they make me look pretty badass.  I get the feeling that by the end of this winter my lower body will be more duct tape then rubber and I’m ok with that.

PS- It took a few days but I can tell exactly where I landed, bounced and slid in my crash now.  The left side of my body feels like it lost a fight.

PPS- In case you’re considering visiting a certain Baltimore Ravens Kicker.  Just a heads up. 

One response to “Time to Lick My Wounds, Pull out the Duct Tape and Get Back Out There!”

  1. Fy flate, leste gjennom alt du hadde skerevt pe5 rundt ein time eller noe, og eg er mektig imponert, spess om religionen, syns kristendom e noe pakk som forderver sinnet til mennesker, og skulle aldri vert pe5 denne planeten, men da min meining, back to main topic! Du skreiv ganske bra ogse5 PS: Kunnet du ha sjekket youtube.com profilen din, eg hadde noen spf8rsme5l


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