Please Do Me A Favor

In light of my recent experiences(My First Crash Post), I thought I would ask the drivers of the world to do me a simple favor.


I fully understand that is actually a HUGE request.  I was a driver once myself and Never folded in my mirrors no matter how busy or tight the street I had parked on.  The way I always saw it.  It is similar to the wearing a your cell phone clipped to your belt in that 95% of the world can’t get away with it and look cool.  Sure having your cell right there is much easier, it’s better protected and fully secure but aesthetically, it’s ridiculous and you deserve to be ridiculed.

There are very few people who can have the cell clipped on their belt and pull it off as part of their look but those people are few and far between and most likely can pull off much more daring fashions than the belt-clip cell phone.  I understand that the same principle holds true on the rear view mirror tuck.  Unless you are rocking some tricked out Bentley whose mirrors cost more than your entire car, it seems a bit extreme. Even worse, it just feels stupid to fold them in on your 1997 Toyota with 175,000 miles.  I get this, I really do!

Regardless, I still ask you to do it for a completely different set of reasons. Not to protect your mirrors or to look cool(because you won’t) but in order to help cyclists like CarFreeBrad around the world eliminate one more variable that can royally screw up a standard commute.

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