Open Letter to Tow Companies…..

I understand that you are some of the most hated people by motorists just behind meter maids and somehow always have someplace really important to be.  Don’t honk at me!

Pause for a minute and think about it.  We are on the same team.  I hold no ill will toward you, in fact, I want you to tow more cars.  The harder you work the better the roads are for me to bike on and last I checked, no one has ever been walking back to their bike just to watch a tow truck pull away with their bike.  Also, we may be tied for the amount of dirty looks we get per mile on the road.  Let’s face it, DRIVERS HATE US BOTH!

Rather than bicker and fight we should work together.  What’s good for you is good for me.  Help me get bike lanes installed in Worcester.  Every new bike lane that restricts where cars can park will help you to tow more cars and make more money while clearing the way for me to bike safely and easily around town.

I have no plan on how to do this but we need to join forces.  If drivers want to hate us, let ’em hate.  You tow ’em laughing all the way to the bank and I’ll peddle undisturbed all the way home.

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