CarFree Mr.Mom

Today should be interesting.  I’m baby sitting my little niece all day while my nephew has hernia surgery.  Since I’ll be playing Mr.Mom in the suburbs, maintaining my CarFree lifestyle may prove very difficult today and I’m not gonna’ worry about it.  This town west of Boston makes getting around by car pretty much essential so I’m not gonna’ fight it.

Besides, I don’t care if your CarFreeBrad or not, but when that kid starts to cry and wants to go play you hop to it and get there ASAP.  I get the feeling, she isn’t going to wait for me to figure out how to add a babyseat to my bike so I’ll just take my sisters car with a fully installed car seat ready to go.

We’ll see how this experiment goes today.  I’ll be back to CarFree Living once I’m only responsible for one life again after today!

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