Foot Problem Solved! Bring on Winter!

If you have followed CarFreeBrad, listened to CarFree Radio or watched the video tips you know how I have struggled to figure out what to do about my feet.  The obvious solution is to throw on some big ‘ol bad-ass boots and power through.  That is a great solution for some days but not all.

One of my biggest issues with going CarFree was that I wanted to do it in a way so that I live CarFree but don’t look CarFree!  That may sound superficial and weird but if I have to spend every day looking like a mountain man in order to make my commute then what good am I doing.  Let’s face it, anyone who is on the fence about going CarFree and/or even considering it would immediately drop the idea as soon as they saw CarFreeBrad stomping into a meeting/presentation in arctic boots and snowpants.  Once in a while it’s fine, but not on most days.

I had managed to solve all my other clothing issues except my feet for the obvious issue that I have to travel light and don’t really have anywhere consistent to dry my boots if I did wear them.  Also, I tend to move around a lot making multiple trips each day so I need to be able to gear up and down.  Nothing is WORSE then putting on wet boots an hour or two after taking them off.

Well my days of footwear woes are done(I hope).  Yesterday I picked up a pair of full cover waterproof foot covers at REI.  I had come across plenty of foot covers for clip-in bike shoes but NO full covers for any shoe type.  They seem to solve multiple problems.  First, the obvious wet foot and shoe variety dilemma as they are waterproof and allow me to wear sneakers, dress shoes, loafers, etc.  Second, no more pegged pants!  As much as I enjoy a good pegging on my pants in the spring and summer it’s not a great idea in the fall/winter.  These covers go up to mid shin with multiple velcro straps to control the covers and my pants.

I’ll never say I can’t wait for it to snow or rain because I would be completely happy if I never found out how well these things work.  But! I’m a  gear guy.  I love new gear and seeing how it works so I’m a bit anxious to try them out.  I’m also pretty sure that I’ll have ample opportunity to push their limits this winter.

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