Month: January 2012

  • Weirder CarFree Revelation- You Decide

    I’ve learned A LOT of things that I never wanted to during this CarFree experiment but by far the most shocking has been the showering habits of Division 3 athletes. I can’t begin to say I have a baseline upon which to judge because it was made clear to me early on I was always […]

  • From Running Late to Just Plain Running- Oh Sh*t! The train is moving!

    So I needed a few days to collect my thoughts and decide exactly how to approach this CarFree event in my life.  It seems best to avoid building it up any more and just tell the story. It was Thursday night and the end of a long day.  I had spent the evening celebrating 2012 […]

  • Between a late Night and the Rain

    Not to make excuses but it’s an excuse not to post today. The fact is that my story from last night deserves my full attention to write about so I’m not going to rush it. What I will tell you is that it involves a party, trip to McDonalds and full sprint to jump onto […]

  • Busy Like a Bee with Barely a Moment to Pee!

    Let the record contracts start rolling in!  When you drop rhymes like that without even trying it’s easy to see why some would rank it: Biggie Jay Z  Nas CarFreeBrad Eminem The 4/5 spot really bounces back and forth between us.  But I’m humble and have no problem sharing the #4 spot with Marshall. Ok, […]

  • The most unexpected and annoying CarFree Challenge!

    This won the award with ease.  So far every challenge, obstacle and pain in the ass part of living CarFree I could have thought of if I really put my mind to it except this. There was no way for me to know I would be battling A CHAPPED EYE!  Yup! It’s true.  It took […]

  • Time to Lick My Wounds, Pull out the Duct Tape and Get Back Out There!

    As many of you may have read and heard, last week was a rough one for me.  I had my first crash, my first real snowstorm and my second real snow storm.  Overall, I came out on top.  No permanent injuries and I realized that my bike handles pretty good in the snow. Yesterday, after […]

  • CarFree Radio- Market in Boston with Mike Hughes

    This segment got going a bit late so it had to wait until today for posting.  We recorded “Bikes&Beers” at Market on Broad St in Boston last night and had a great time talking about a host of things.  Some bike related, some beer related and everything in between.  I have to warn you, this […]

  • A New Excuse…..

    One phenomenon that has permeated all levels of my life has been this “New Excuse” that I have.  Over the past almost year of living CarFree, I’ve constantly found myself using it as an excuse, but not in the way that I thought I would.  When I started this lifestyle, I assumed I would not […]

  • Please Do Me A Favor

    In light of my recent experiences(My First Crash Post), I thought I would ask the drivers of the world to do me a simple favor. PLEASE FOLD IN YOUR REAR VIEW MIRRORS I fully understand that is actually a HUGE request.  I was a driver once myself and Never folded in my mirrors no matter […]

  • My First Crash! Don’t Worry Mom, I’m Fine!

    Last night on my way home, it finally happened.  If you ride your bike almost everyday and use it to get around all the time, it’s bound to happen, you fall/crash/get hit whatever the situation. First off, I’m fine.  Cut my knee, ripped my pants, big bruise on my hip and elbow but structurally everything […]