REI Bike Support-

Just before christmas, I was are REI browsing supplies and freaking out in my head a bit. Before I fully began to melt down at the realization that I’m not ready for the winter, I saw a like bin of buttons and cards.  Obviously I had to have one and they were free so I was on board!

I didn’t even bother to read what they are for or the cause they support nor did I care.  They were showing support for bikes and that is all I cared about.  Well, I finally read the card and learned the meaning behind the button I proudly wear.

This is their stated goal:

The goal of is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice—to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted.

If you support this idea and go to the site, sign the pledge and maybe even learn a bit more about it.  I’ve talked at length with anyone who will listen, that infrastructure is the biggest factor that hurts the CarFree culture in this country.  Organizations and movements like this let it be know that people want biking as a safe option so that if/when they want to bike to the store or work, they can do so safely and easily.



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