Do you get burnt out?

I’ve been asked this question quite a few times lately and a lot more over the course of my life.  My response has always been, what do you mean?  At which point, whom ever just asked it lists all the reasons from sleeping 2 hours a night to the stress of running a marketing company as the whole business world is collapsing, so on and so forth.

To say that I’ve never pushed myself too hard for too long and crashed hard, would be a lie!  The human body can only endure so much abuse before it drops the hammer on you physically and mentally and I’ve got to that point enough times to know(or think I know) how far I can push it.  But that is much different from getting “burnt out”.

To directly answer this question: NO!

For my entire adult/working life, the last 18 years or so, I’ve been fortunate to do things that I actually like and would do for free.  That is my definition of passion and passion is a miracle drug against burn out. Please don’t get me wrong, I cringe and die a bit inside whenever I hear someone tell people to “follow your passion and the money will follow”.  I’m not going to make an argument to defend my position on this, just want you know where I stand on that and will put that philosophical discussion aside for the rest of this post.

I believe that I have, do and most likely will again “crash” from pushing my body to far but that is not me getting “burnt out”.  After I recharge the batteries, the passion to push me that far is still there.  I believe that passion drives people to do great things beyond

Passion can be good but can also go VERY BAD!

their preconceived limitations and find new limits.

Enough CarFreeBrad philosophy, because I hate when people write pieces that you can tell they wanted to use to “inspire” and this just got dangerously close to that kind of self-indulgence.

This blog is not about answers but questions.  Do I get burnt out? NO!  Will your passions make you happy? F-ed if I know.  Will your passions lead you to money? Nope!

In short, I don’t know if passion drives me and/or will lead me to success, money, love, happiness.  All I know is that I’m a lucky S.O.B who really enjoyed damn near everything I’ve done in my life thus far and will continue to peddle thru life laughing the whole way.

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