CarFree Radio- Special Contest!

Todays show is gonna’ be a bit off because we only have 8 days to reach our goal on Kickstarter for the Freight Farms Project.  Basically, if you want a really good, focused CarFree Radio Podcast then donate money NOW and then get a few of your buddies to donate!

I’ve been playing with the idea of incorporating some afternoon beers into the show on Friday afternoons to add some fun and levity.  So what I’m gonna’ do is kick that off next week and invite a guest to join me every week for Beers&Bike Talk on CarFree Radio.

Today, you could win a spot if you donate to Freight Farms during the recording of my show.  The catch is, you won’t know when I’m recording the show today until I tell you.  It will be some time today after 12 so follow me and check in regularly.

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