My CarFree People Discovered

I met with two of the most inspiring people I know for lunch today to talk about this crazy, ambitious and (ohmygosh) great plan to change the world and create a company that will help people, businesses and communities for years.

We met at Via, The Italian Table on Shrewsbury St in Worcester.  It’s a great place with fun people and good food.  They have ample parking and offer valet to make your dining experience easy as pie…..unless you arrive by bike!

I circled the area a couple of times looking for anywhere to lock up my ride.  Well, I found my people after my second lap.  Turns out to locate my fellow CarFree people, I had to look no further than the kitchen entrance.  I rounded this corner when I thought I saw a bike and BOOM, almost a half-dozen bikes!

I’ll refrain from crafting a social commentary on why the defacto bike lot is outside the kitchen staff entrance and simple say that I’m glad it was there.  The door to the kitchen was open, because it was 54 degrees on the first day of winter(that’s another post altogether), and a few of the staff saw me joining the gang.  It was great to exchange a few  knowing head nods that communicated more than a 40 minute conversation ever could.

Since I can’t possibly give each one of my newfound CarFree Friends that are relegated to the back kitchen entrance a formal Christmas card.  To any of you at VIA and the hundreds of other restaurants that I won’t ever see or meet, Merry Christmas.  You are the true CarFree Revolutionaries and I salute you.

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