Breaking CarFree News……THIS IS HUGE!

Don’t give me that, this is re-post crap!  I know it but it’s so huge I can’t stand it.  With only 11 days left in the campaign the offer stands.  Donate $4000, get a car, support the project and send Jon on his CarFree Journey!

I can’t begin to explain how huge this is.  Think the first time you rode down the street without training wheels, change your perspective on life type of HUGE!

The details are not clear at this point and I have dispatched a reporter to the scene to investigate and gather more information for you.  But what I do know at this time is that one of my fellow Freight Farmers has committed to living CARFREE!!!!!

He has not only committed to living CarFree but is selling his car in support of the Freight Farms Kickstarter Campaign in order to truly live the mission of Freight Farms that The CarFree Movement Provides, a truly local connection to your neighborhood.

Unconfirmed reports tell me that his car will be the $4000 reward.  I’m at a loss for words as all the best things in my life converge to create this glowing aura of local movement all around me.

Believe that there will be more details to follow!

One response to “Breaking CarFree News……THIS IS HUGE!”

  1. It’s true, But I have to do it off Kickstarter. I was getting too many comments about “my timing belt” and “if i had supercharged the engine”. It also confused some older people into thinking Kickstater was an ebay auction.

    Contact Brad or me about it:
    97 ginster GTI drivers edition


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