CarFree By the Numbers: Gas Prices, Temps Going Down, Level of Satisfaction

I’ve realized that a lot of my observations and opinion are based on highly subjective criteria without any real substantive evaluation.  That is fine for me but makes if very difficult to truly gauge how other CarFree people feel on the same issues.  Every CarFree situation is unique with hundred of variables that I couldn’t even begin to account for so I decide to apply the KISS method(keep it simple stupid).

That said, I was reflecting on the my level of happiness during my rides in relation to the temperature and gas prices as I froze my ass off today and rode past a gas station selling regular at $3.32/gal.  Rather than go on and on about this indignity, I decided to turn to the numbers as a method to chronicle my level of ride satisfaction.

This is my first very rough attempt to create a visual representation of Gas price, temp and my satisfaction.  I will allow you to draw the conclusions and interpret the data in whatever way you like.  You can comment your findings below and the best answers will be adopted at “CarFree Law”.

Red- Satisfaction, Blue-Temperature, Green- Gas Price

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