Is Carfree like having a kid?

Take it easy all you moms out there.  I’m not making a direct comparison to living CarFree and childbirth…you win!

In the smallest sense I’m talking about how long it takes to get out the door.  Based on my limited exposure to watching mothers/fathers/parents try to leave the house, I’ve noticed some strikingly similar circumstances.

First, it take twice as long to leave the house as it does to actually get to most places.  This timeframe seems constant for parents but extends as the weather turns bad for bikers.  I thought my prep time would decrease over time but there always seems to be a new twist to deal with.  Then again, this is very similar to a growing child always throwing curve balls as you.

Second, no matter how well I think through my trip and my day there is always gonna’ be something that I forget.  Whether it’s a pair of socks or an undershirt those things are like your “favorite toy” item because they seem small and are insignificant but have a dramatic negative effect on the rest of your day that outsiders won’t see or understand.

Basically, Parents I feel your packing and planning pain! At least my gyms clothes and supplies for the day don’t need to be fed and try to escape from me as soon as I get going.

One response to “Is Carfree like having a kid?”

  1. Haha, nice comparison. Despite all those tasks I get to avoid without a car (gas, oil-changes, etc) I still find myself taking twice as long to get ready in the morning (I don’t think I ever checked my tire pressure or brakes before my morning car commute). Of course the main difference between a kid and bike is that you can back your panniers the night before – loading the kid into the car seat before bed might get you in trouble. 🙂


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