Sucks when Sick

This is not anything new.  We all know that riding your bike, running even walking to the bathroom is a terrible chore when you’re sick.  I knew this day would come and knew it would suck.

There is something different between knowing something will suck and it actually sucking.  When I was feeling good and full of energy, it seemed like a great challenge that might provide great blog fodder.  As it turns out, the opposite is true.  Being sick has sucked any ability for me to contemplate CarFree living out of my mind.  All I want to do is finish my ride, get home and go to bed.

Please don’t think that I’m complaining.  I have no right to do so for two reasons.  One, I made this choice and happily live with it.  Considering it would suck to have to get up and drive anywhere feeling like this, it’s not that bad, anything I had to do would be pretty terrible.  Two, I have no one to blame but myself.  It’s only a matter of time before one will get sick when you live the way I do/have.  Running around like a mad man, sleeping very little and constantly pushing for a few more hours in each day is gonna’ getcha.  I knew it, I know it and I’ll probably do it again and again.  It’s just how I’m wired.

So today I decided to simply state the obvious in case you had any doubt and let you know that yesterday and today would have been those days when I would have caved and taken my car if I had one.

FULL DISCLOSURE- I did borrow my girlfriends car to go to Providence yesterday for a meeting in the morning.  It was that, the train or Zipcar and she offered the best rates, so I took it!

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