Maybe I’ve Lost a Step!

After discovering the “original” out there on the internet, I began to scroll back through and read some older posts.

This has led to a shocking realization, like a once great athlete that finally gets caught from behind in the open field with no excuses, I may have lost a blogging step.  Maybe I’m biased but I haven’t been nearly as funny or entertaining lately.  The truth is, I don’t go back and read my stuff after it’s out there.  This may be a good or bad practice, I don’t know. Regardless, there is a feeling you get when you’re writing something that is funny or at least entertaining.  Your heart beats a little faster, you rush through each sentence and just can’t wait to release this gem on the world.

Fact is, I haven’t had that feeling lately that I recall.  Perhaps blogging isn’t as new to me or I’ve built up a tolerance to my hilarity so it takes a truly killer post to get me all giddy these days.

Regardless of the problem, the solution is simple.  I’ve gotta’ get in the Blogging Gym and rep it out, maybe some serious blog sprints and sign up for Blogging CrossFit!

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