Custom Bike Question: Bike, Motorcycle, Neither?

Being “CarFreeBrad” I’m very aware of the bikes around me.  I enjoy paying attention to the different accessories that riders have and how they use different equipment.  The last few weeks I’ve noticed something that raises a good question for a Friday morning.

Why build a custom bike to look like it has an engine and makes it harder to peddle?

Not a great example, but you get the idea.

It seems a little stupid.  The fact is, you end up looking like you are riding a really sh*tty motorcycle with a terrible engine not a really cool custom bike.  I hate to break to this guys, who are obviously talented craftsmen and spend a ton of time on these creations, but someone has to say it.  Spend that time and energy creating a really cool bike not a mock motorcycle with a fake engine, gas tank and exhaust that makes it completely useless as a bike.

I love creative expression via bike but I need to draw the line somewhere.

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